A high-quality general purpose wear resistant engineering plastic material: the chemical name is polyamide. ıt is available in a range of grades and forms to suit many applications. The casting process allows the production of larger material sections virtually from residual stress. It may also be cast into customer shapes that reduce material waste and machining time.

Despite yellow natural colour availabilty, it can be formed in all other colours demanded as plates,sheets,round bars and tubes.

Products Attributes

  • Range of grades.

  • Good mechanical properties, good impact strenght.

  • Naturally good damping properties.

  • Good sliding properties, high wear resistance, good abrasion resistance.

  • Long life in many industrial bearing, wear and gear applications.​

  • Reduce machinery noise levels.

  • Consistent quality ensures uniform characteristics in machining and performance.

  • Very good all-round product for diverse engineering applications.

  • Dimensional stability.

  • Good chemical resistance(Polyamide PA6G is highly resistant to: hydrocarbons, alkalis, fats,oils, fuels, ethers, esters and ketones. But it is not resistantto: halogens, mineral acids and certain organic acids,
    oxidising agents.

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