Machine-Device Industry

Machine components are mostly prefered instead of metals parts in too many machines such as construction, chemicals, leather, packaging and others. Its' superior mechanical functions provide many advantages to the end users like engineers and technicians due to it is light, corrosion and wear resistant;

Prototype Machine Components

Gears, Timing Gears

Bearings, Bushes, Pads

Guides, Couplers and any other parts


  Construction Industry

As well known, cast polyamide is light and resistant to corrosion. Polyamide pa6g needs no lubrication and works silently in all hard conditions. It is often prefered over aluminum, bronze, iron steel and many other plastics in rotating. In additional sliding machinery components and similar equipments.;

Rotating and Sliding Machinery Componets

Support Bases

Wear Plates, Pulleys, Sheaves

Rolls and Other Parts

  Automotive Industry

Cast polyamide(polyamide pa6g) is taking a compulsory role day by day in automotive industry which is one of the heavy industries in all over the world. Most demanded parts;

Helical and circular gears

Bushes and Pulleys


Timing Gears

Protptype Machine Parts

And Other Parts


  Textile Industry

Some samples we produce for textile industry;

Press Plates

Base Plates

Timing Gears

Steel Laminated Bushes and Pulleys

Prototype Parts 

  Other Industries

We produce light, silence and resistant to wear and abrasion cast polyamide PA6G which is mainly used by iron-steel, marine, construction, marine, railways, petrol, chemistry, packaging and electric-electronic sectors. Basicly gears, pulleys, wear plates, hammer heads, wear supports, cylinder gears and other hundreds part. We do implement this with shaping the polyamide. 

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